11402669_1030963996921345_8143394263563725996_n 11426254_1030964080254670_1627305983015377476_n 10421268_1030964290254649_7027240883489592856_n 11150489_1030964556921289_5166909041638587673_n 11406918_1030964436921301_4631715422448781116_nWeekends off from work mean nothing but adventures. This weekend was without a doubt one of the best. Between Gov Ball and then roaming around Brooklyn, I got a taste of what this summer will (hopefully) be like. For days like yesterday with weather that was to me, pretty much picture perfect (I mean, look at the lighting in these photos.. thank you photography gods) I opted for a more casual look. A simple striped tee and ripped jeans is really my go to look for every season. It’s easy, comfortable and doesn’t involve too much effort. Since it did get a bit breezy at some points of the day, I just threw on my over sized denim jacket and for shoes, I chose my birkenstocks because they go with everything and have become my favorite shoes at the moment no matter how ugly people think they are. Shop below:

T-shirt: Brandy Melville

Jeans: Rag&Bone

Jacket: Levis

Shoes: Birkenstock


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